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Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems, LLC is a leader in mold remediation and mold removal, offering services in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We are focused on providing solutions to contamination within structures, including development and implementation of mold remediation plans.

Not only is mold damaging to your home or commercial building, but mold has also been linked to several health issues. These issues range in severity from allergies and skin infections to asthma exasperation, headaches, vomiting, pneumonia, and much more. Luckily, most all mold contaminations are correctable.

To help determine if your home or office space has become overrun with mold, our mold inspectors will thoroughly examine your building to assess the level of mold contamination. Our mold inspection and remediation process includes:

  1. Visual Mold Inspection: We start with a visual investigation of the attic, crawlspace, roof, HVAC system, and more for signs of discolorations, moisture intrusion, and mold.
  2. Analysis: Measurements are taken to determine moisture levels throughout the property.
  3. Mold Sampling: When necessary, mold sampling can be conducted for an additional fee. Tape and/or swab samples are collected from visibly affected surfaces to determine the specific mold types.
  4. Air Sampling: This may be necessary if the presence of mold, allergens or toxins is suspected, but not visible.
  5. Mold Remediation: Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems, LLC does not cover up mold, WE REMOVE IT.

Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems, LLC has helped a wide range of clients deal with mold removal and indoor air quality issues, from homeowners to real estate agents. We employ only Aerosol Monitoring & Analysis, Inc, qualified mold inspectors and remediators who have not only undergone extensive training, but who also use state-of-the-art equipment to save time and efficiently remediate your mold problem. And our experience is backed by years of excellent service, cost-effective solutions, honest assessments and guaranteed results. We strive to make your home decontaminated for perfect air quality and better living.

Our Services Include:

  • Air & Surface Sample Testing
  • FREE Consultations

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Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Services provides Mold Removal, Mold Testing, mold inspections, flood restoration, and environmental cleaning services in Maryland (Baltimore City, Howard County, Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County), Virginia (Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, Reston, Chantilly), Pennsylvania, Washington DC and nationwide.
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